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Issue: Strategic planning
You're tired of strategic planning retreats that take forever and don't get a lot done. The "brainstorming and colored dot process" is too time consuming for you and your staff. The report — when it finally does arrive — is full of your ideas and has no practical solutions you can implement right away. You need a faster and more efficient way to get your organization on track to make strategic changes.

Answer: Accelerated strategic planning™
Finally, something new in strategic planning — fast effective, affordable — designed especially for organizations with big plans and limited time. Accelerated strategic planning™ is the only innovative approach to make the strategic planning process more effective and get the job done faster. For the hearty souls in organizations with big plans and not a lot of time to dedicate to the planning process but who want it done right — and right now!

Issue: Leadership support
You're feeling all alone at the top with no one to give you feedback on ideas, provide experienced, expert advice and suggestions, and lend a supportive ear when you are wondering if you've really got the requisite skills to make it all happen.

Answer: Barbara Buell
Finally, an mentor with a broad-based balance of workplace experience to help you accomplish what YOU want — YOUR agenda is what matters. Get help — work smarter, be more organized, avoid common pitfalls — from someone who has the networks and expertise to help you convert your goals into realities.

Issue: Performance evaluation
You're under pressure to demonstrate accountability and you need an outside source to evaluate your work.

Answer: Initiative Status Reports™
ISR is an innovative short-term, research-based tool used to bridge the gap between years-long evaluations and journalistic reporting.

The ISRs focus on one program, policy, or initiative and take a snapshot of its implementation. Using qualitative and quantitative data, the ISR assesses and reports on the progress of an initiative towards its stated goals. Fast, reliable, proven to have an impact on effecting positive change.

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